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Oral Surgery Office Midwood

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Oral Pathology & Oral Cancer in Midwood

Oral surgery office Midwood
Oral surgery office Midwood

At the offices of Mark B. Hertz, DDS our oral surgery office Midwood handles a variety of different oral diseases. We are open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during business hours so patients can have flexibility in time slots to come in. Check our website for testimonials and for a listing of our services and what we do best here at our offices. Patients who first come to our oral surgery office Midwood will need to fill out some forms. These can be found online, or you can have them faxed to you. You can also fill them out when you get here. A first-time patient will be given a comprehensive exam, where we will ask you about your oral and dental histories as well as medical.

We treat oral cancer and perform oral surgery office Midwood here frequently. Oral cancers happen to many people, most often over the age of 40. Risks for oral cancer are linked to tobacco and alcohol use, as well as HPV, age, diet and sun exposure. Early detection is the best way to treat oral cancer. Besides oral cancers, we provide service as well for removal of wisdom teeth, bone grafting and sinus lifts, biopsies and apicoectomies. We also help patients who are suffering from oral emergencies and who need immediate care.

We also perform dental implants at our oral surgery office Midwood. Dental implants help replace missing teeth by way of a surgically implanted titanium root in the jawbone. After a healing period, an artificial tooth is placed over the site. Dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. After the surgery is performed the patient is then given a healing period of two to three months. Once the implant site has healed, the artificial tooth is then placed over the implant.

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