Oral surgeon on Brooklyn

Oral Surgeon on Brooklyn

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Apicoectomies in Brooklyn

Oral surgeon on Brooklyn
Oral surgeon on Brooklyn

Oral surgery allows dentists to alleviate pain and remove infection and disease from the teeth and jaw, as well as augment the sinuses, implant anchors to replace lost teeth, extracting diseased, broken or overcrowded teeth and restore the structure of the jaw as well as perform a list of other services. Oral surgeons, such as Dr. Marc B. Hertz, DDS set the mouth for final restorations or orthodontics. One of the services that our oral surgeon in Brooklyn often does are apioectomies, a type of surgery that removes infected root ends from the mouth that can lead to extreme pain and further disease if not treated quickly.

Apioectomies are known as root end resections that remove infection from the root tip and the surrounding tissue. Our oral surgeon in Brooklyn performs an apioectomy when an infection returns after an endodontic treatment, root canal, has already been performed. During the procedure our doctor will open the gum near the tooth to see down to the bone and will remove any infected tissue including the root tip. A small filling is often then placed in the root end to prevent any re-infection. The gum is closed and over a few months the bone will grow over the end of the root. In some cases there is not enough bone left in the area to grow around the filling in these cases our doctor may use a bone graft to add more bone material as well as stimulate new bone growth in the area. This procedure should be able to save the tooth and return it to full function without pain or infection.

Due to advances in surgical techniques and anesthesia apioectomies should not be painful. Our oral surgeon in Brooklyn will first treat the area with a topical anesthetic that is followed by an injected local anesthetic that will numb the tooth and the surrounding area. The patient may feel a little pressure around the tooth during the procedure but no real pain. After the procedure our patients can generally resume normal activity the next day. If a root canal has not completely alleviated your pain please make an appointment with our office to have our doctor evaluate whether further oral surgery can help you.

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