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Sheepshead Bay Bone Grafting

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Sheepshead Bay bone grafting

Sheepshead Bay bone grafting

Dental implants give you replacement teeth that look and feel like real ones, without the drawbacks so often associated with older traditional full-tooth restorations like bridges and dentures. Most people can take advantage of this advanced technology, but one vital requirement is that you need to have a jaw bone that is thick and strong enough to hold the post that acts as a replacement for your tooth root. If you don’t, however, our highly skilled oral surgeon, Dr. Marc. B. Hertz, will not leave you wanting. Thanks to our Sheepshead Bay bone grafting, you can still enjoy the benefits of a dental implant.

The process of bone grafting is simple, but requires the care of a specialist like our oral surgeon. It involves taking bone tissue from another part of your body, or alternatively from a donor bank, and then transplanting that tissue into your jaw bone to augment it. Over the next few months, new bone tissue will grow around the transplanted tissue, making it sufficiently strong and thick so that you will be able to move forward with your dental. The exact amount of time that it takes will depend on various factors, including your individual circumstances. In some instances, it make require up to nine months, but often the wait is significantly less time than that. Dr. Hertz will be able to estimate for you about how long it should be for you. Once your jaw bone is ready to accept the post, it will be placed and your bone will grow around and fuse with it, eventually leading to a secure and reliable bond.

With our Sheepshead Bay bone grafting, there is virtually no reason for you not to schedule an appointment to get started with dental implants. Wouldn’t you like to have your full smile back again? It all starts with you. Call our office and make your appointment.

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