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Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, better known as TMJ disorders by the general public, can cause pain and irritation that significantly interfere with an individual’s life. Unfortunately, at the current time, not enough is known about these disorders for the medical establishment to agree on one method of treatment that is most effective and safe. That’s why, if you suspect you may be suffering from a TMJ disorder, it’s important to get diagnosed and treated by a https://www.nlpmania.ro/ who won’t subject a patient to unnecessary procedures. At the practice of Marc B. Hertz, DDS PC, we will make sure you receive high-quality treatment. We’ll also listen to you, making sure we address your concerns when discussing treatment options.

TMJ disorders affect the joint connecting the lower jaw to the temporal bone. According to The Mayo Clinic, patients suffering from TMJ disorders may experience symptoms that include painful or difficult chewing, aching pain in the ear area, difficulty opening or closing one’s mouth, and general aching facial pain. For some individuals, these problems are mild, often going away on their own in a matter of time. For others, they can be a severe problem that significantly affects the life of the patient. Although it is not entirely known what causes TMJ disorders, it is believed that trauma to the joint, as well as problems arising from constant grinding of the teeth, may play a major role. Whatever the cause, TMJ patients should make sure the doctor treating them is dedicated to their health. Dr.Marc B. Hertz, the https://www.nlpmania.ro/ whose patient-oriented practice results in unparalleled patient care, is that type of doctor.

If an individual is suffering from a TMJ disorder so great that it requires treatment, that individual should not undergo any procedures that will alter the overall structure of the jaw unless absolutely necessary. At our office, https://www.nlpmania.ro/ Dr.Marc. B. Hertz works carefully with all patients to ensure that they receive the proper diagnosis and the best treatment. If you suspect that you may be in need of treatment for a TMJ disorder, schedule an appointment and let our dedicated team provide you with the care you need.

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