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Although it’s something dentists and oral surgeons try to avoid at all costs, sometimes trauma, periodontal disease and/or tooth decay is just so severe that tooth extraction is the only option. Thankfully, however, advances in dental technology over the last century mean that there are lots of options out there for replacing lost teeth with false ones. No doubt you’re already pretty familiar with dentures and bridges of various types (as well as with their disadvantages), but our adipex pregnancy, Dr. Marc B. Hertz would like to tell you about another possibility you have at your disposal, one that can help you avoid the cleaning hassle and bone-loss associated with more conventional prosthetics. That possibility is dental implants. Here’s how they work.

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Dental implants are surgically-installed anchors that go directly into your jaw bones. Their purpose is to hold more permanent bridges in place, allowing you to return to normal eating and brushing habits. Because the procedure to install implants is significantly more involved than dentures or normal bridges, your adipex pregnancy will need to give you a thorough exam. This will include x-rays and questions about your health generally. If it doesn’t look like you have enough bone in your jaws, you may need to undergo bone graft and sinus lift surgery before undergoing the implant surgery. Unfortunately, if you’re a very heavy smoker or suffer from certain types of chronic illnesses, Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC, may deem you unfit to withstand the operation and suggest that you stick with more traditional dental prostheses. Chances are, though, that Dr. Hertz will be able to perform the operation, and if you decide it’s what you want to do, he’ll have you in soon for the actual surgery.

After your implants are in place, you’ll also need to come in for a number of follow up appointments. This is so Dr. Hertz can make sure your mouth is healing properly and that you’re adjusting to your new teeth okay. Are you ready to get your smile back? Why wait any longer to explore this state-of-the art technique for restoring your teeth? Schedule a dental implant consultation with your local adipex pregnancy today!

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