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Dental Implant Surgery East Flatbush

Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC is your go-to East Flatbush dental surgeon for bone grafting surgery. Bone grafting surgery is a procedure that is sometimes needed before a dental implant surgery can be performed. Dental implants need to be attached to the jaw bone, in some patients there is not enough bone to allow for the implants to be safely and securely anchored. In order to remedy this problem we are able to supplement the bone mass with of the patient’s jaw so that the impact can be firmly anchored into the mouth. This surgery is amazing in that it not only replaces the missing bone in the jaw but helps the body to regenerate it’s own bone. This new bone growth helps to strengthen the grafted area and overtime your own newly formed bone will be able to replace much of the grafted material. Dental implants will be able to be properly put in and give us a chance to more effectively restore the aesthetic and functional roles of your teeth.

11230 Dental Care

11230 Dental Care

This procedure may sound complicated but it is really quite simple and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the process of bone graft surgery, our expert staff is always available to address your needs. We believe that the best patient is a well informed patient, and so we will gladly take your calls. We also welcome you to come into our office and schedule a consultation with our doctors. If you have missing teeth and are thinking about dental implants Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC is your go-to East Flatbush dental surgeon for the job. We can determine whether you are a good candidate for implants, and if you’re not we can discuss the success of bone graft surgery.

As a practice the specializes only in oral and maxillofacial surgery you can be sure that our highly regarded staff is up to the task of restoring beauty to your smile. You will no longer have to live with the embarrassing and painful effects that come with missing teeth. Dr. Hertz, is a fully trained East Flatbush dental surgeon with more than eleven years of distinguished service to the community. Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC will make sure that your surgical needs are met with expert care.

Bone Graft Surgery East Flatbush
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