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Brooklyn Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Using state of the art dental procedures our Oral Surgeon, Dr. Marc B. Hertz will remove your wisdom teeth.

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Brooklyn Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Many people need their wisdom teeth pulled for many different reasons.  They may be painful while growing, may cause infection, or be damaging to other teeth.  At best essay writing service yahoo practice, we provide wisdom tooth extraction for your family.   Our Flatbush oral surgery office of Dr. Hertz is limited to maxillofacial and oral surgery so you can be sure he only uses the most up to date technology to extract your bothersome wisdom teeth.  If you experience facial swelling, tooth infection, or pain come to our Brooklyn oral surgery office.  A smile that lasts a lifetime is priceless.

Brooklyn Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth and are looking for replacement ones, at Dr. Hertz’s dental office, we recommend you talk to our staff about our http://www.keystoneradiology.com.au/.  Dental implants are small titanium cylinders that are surgically planted into to your bone where your tooth is missing.  The metal anchors serve as your substitute tooth root and provide a solid base for your teeth to be attached.  This enables you to smile confidently with bright natural looking teeth.  We have a variety of new techniques and appliances that reduce discomfort levels of dental implants, and decrease your frequency of visits. Our Brooklyn dental implants can become your new permanent tooth loss solution.  Dr. Hertz is the top oral surgeon to visit for your dental implants.

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