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Brooklyn Apicoectomies


Our teeth are held in place by roots that extend into our jawbone. These roots are connected to nerves and tissue, some of our teeth even have multiple roots. Untreated cavities can lead to root canals, which can lead to an infection that attacks these tooth roots, causing oral pain and discomfort. Apicoectomies are the process of removing the infected tissue and root tips from the oral cavity, sealing the root and preventing further infections. Apicoectomies are a microsurgical procedure that Dr. Marc B. Hertz, trusted Source, has performed many times with great success.

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Endodontic Surgery Brooklyn

When dealing with post root canal infections and surgeries, it is most important to consult with an talented oral and maxillofacial surgeon, like Dr. Hertz who has experience in performing endodontic surgery. Often, the source of the oral pain is at the apex of the root, which needs to be extracted from the infected area so that the tooth can be re-filled. This is why it is called microsurgery, because the whole tooth doesn’t need to be extracted. If you are in need of a Brooklyn Apicoectomy, it can be arranged with Marc B Hertz DDS, open five days a week for consultations and appointments.

Marc B Hertz is a practicing oral surgeon in Brooklyn New York, offering dental implant placements, wisdom tooth extractions, surgeries, bone grafting, cyst and abscess removal, apicoectomies, and sinus augmentation. When considering the health of our teeth, especially surgical procedures, it is important that we consult with professionals who specialize in the field. Max B Hertz DDS PC of Brooklyn is ready to work with you, call or visit our offices today for a consultation.

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