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Are you experiencing oral pain after having already received a course of root canal therapy? Root canal infections vary from patient to patient, and can differ in severity and location. These means that each case is unique unto itself, and when left in the hands of a general dentist these treatments can unfortunately go awry more often than we would like to think. If you are experiencing symptoms of a root canal infection despite having already been treated for one, don’t go back to the same office who has already made this mistake once. Instead, visit the local experts at the sir gawain and the green knight essay practice of Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC to find out how an apicoectomy can return your smile to a picture of perfect health.

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Endodontic Surgery Bergen Beach

Root canal therapy is a treatment used by many dentists to effectively eradicate the bacteria and infected matter associated with a complete infection of the inside of one or more of your teeth. However, these treatments do not always go as expected. If you have received root canal therapy from a general dentist, this is often the cause of a procedure which has not been properly planned. At your trusted sir gawain and the green knight essay we begin our apicoectomy in the same manner of which we begin our root canal therapies, through the use of digital x-rays which can capture highly detailed images that are far more effective and much safer than traditional x-ray technology. In doing so our doctors work to capture images of the infected area that can give us a perfect image of the exact scope of your oral infection, which insures that we eradicate every last trace of bacteria.

Also known as a root end surgery, and apicoectomy succeeds where root canal therapy fails. Regardless of the reason for your first procedure becoming complicated, a root end surgery works by your professional sir gawain and the green knight essay making a small incision into the gum lines to expose and remove the damaged tissue. This also involves removing the roots of your tooth, which become infected as the bacteria spreads. The infected matter is then replaced with a root-end filling that works to secure the remaining natural structures of your tooth, and works to fend off infection, as synthetic matter cannot become infected. Over the next few months our team at the offices of Marc B. Hertz DDS, PC will oversee your healing process to insure the bone of your jaws heals around the new filling for a perfect fit and a tight bond that will allow your smile to return to normal function. Dr. Hertz can assist you from planning to aftercare with state of the art techniques and even proper medications to manage your healing to restore your smile to a picture of perfect health.

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