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Annual dental visits are important to your dental health as well as to your overall physical health and wellbeing. It is often necessary to visit the dentist more than once a year, whether it is for cleanings or to treat any conditions that arise between visits. An abscessed tooth can happen any time and requires immediate dental attention. Our Brownsville oral surgeon here at Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC, Dr. Hertz can comfortably remove any abscessed tooth or teeth in order to prevent further discomfort or oral complications.

Dental Pain 11230

Dental Pain 11230

An abscessed tooth can be incredibly painful. An abscess is a painful infection of the tooth, either in root or surrounding gums. This is most commonly caused by tooth decay, but can also occur due to traumatic events such as the breaking or chipping of a tooth, gingivitis or another gum disease. Any of these preliminary conditions can allow bacteria to enter the tooth enamel or the gums and cause infection and inflammation. If an infection goes unchecked, it can further affect the adjacent teeth and jawbone. You will absolutely know if you need a tooth removed due to infection since the associated tooth ache is severe and can cause other serious side effects such as fever, foul smell of the breath and foul taste, painful chewing, teeth sensitivity to hot or cold foods, swollen jaw, draining sore on the gums, a general redness or swelling, as well as a general feeling of illness and possibly nausea. Oral hygiene is vital to preventing such conditions and can be kept up with during routine visits and cleanings. Here at Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC, our Brownsville oral surgeon can provide you with a painless abscess removal, alleviating you of both pain and further complication.

Seeing our Brownsville oral surgeon for regular checkups can ensure that your jaw and teeth are free of decay via inspection, cleaning, and X-rays. Here at Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC, Dr. Hertz is dedicated to providing you and your family with the most comprehensive and gentle oral health care, making sure to perform any necessary procedures to do so.

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