Midwood Sinus Lift

Sinus lift procedure in Midwood

Midwood sinus lift

Midwood sinus lift

At the offices of Marc B. Hertz, DDS, a Midwood sinus lift is something we do for patients who need implants. If the sinus wall is too thin, implants cannot be placed and a sinus lift may be ordered. A Midwood sinus lift, or graft, allows the dental surgeon to enter the sinus where the upper teeth were and lift the sinus membrane upward so donor bone can be inserted.

Major and minor bone grafting procedures are done when the jawbone becomes atrophied or reabsorbed into the gum after a missing tooth. Implants commonly replace missing teeth, but those patients seeking a dental implant are not candidates for placement if they are missing bone or gum. This is where a Midwood sinus lift comes in. In a bone grafting procedure, the patient can grow bone again where needed and have their dental implants placed to restore functionality and esthetic appearance to the jawline. A healing period of several months is given so that the bone becomes part of the patient’s jaw and the implants are able to be inserted. If the case is severe, and the ridge has been reabsorbed, a bone grafting procedure may be recommended in order to increase the ridge height or width.

Inadequate bone structure usually happens due to missing teeth or gum disease. Injury can also be a reason for the deterioration of bone. Bone is usually obtained from a tissue bank or from the patient’s own bone, hip or tibia. Traumatic injury or tumor may require a bone graft. Congenital defects may also play a role in the need for a graft. Bone grafting surgery and a Midwood sinus lift require a hospital stay and is performed at a hospital in an operating room. For more information on this procedure call our offices today to find out how we can help you schedule your first appointment.

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