Midwood Extractions

Midwood Extractions

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Losing your tooth is not an ideal situation, but there are times when our Midwood extractions remain the only option for addressing a bad tooth. Here at the dental practice of Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC, the procedure is performed so that you will be comfortable throughout the process. As a dedicated oral surgeon, you’re in the best possible hands.

Some of the signs that our Midwood extractions may be necessary include a severe toothache, a loose tooth, or swelling around the tooth. This is not to say that all such cases will result in the tooth being removed. There are many instances where the tooth can be saved through treatments like root canal therapy, for example. But if a an examination and x-rays at our office leads to the conclusion that the tooth is not salvageable, you will be numbed with local anesthesia as the first step so that your experience is painless. There are, as you would expect, negative aspects to the loss of a tooth. If it was visible when you smiled or spoke, you now have empty space there and an aesthetic drawback. Maybe the tooth was a back one. If so, chewing will be more challenging. And regardless of the position of the tooth, the others on that jaw could start to shift, leading to discomfort and misaligned jaws. It is for that reason we advise getting a dental implant to replace the tooth as soon as possible. It may even be possible to place the post for the implant immediately after the removal of your natural tooth, if you are a good candidate for it. In the immediate aftermath of our Midwood extractions, you may notice mild discomfort and swelling afterward. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly natural. Over-the-counter pain relievers and an ice pack are advisable for addressing those concerns.

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