Midwood bone grafting

Midwood Bone Grafting

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Bone grafting in Midwood

Midwood bone grafting
Midwood bone grafting

In order to be a good candidate for dental implants, you must have a strong healthy jaw bone with good bone density. The main reason is because implants are anchored into the jawbone. If you don’t have enough bone and you would like to get implants, you should consult with an experienced implant dentist to discuss getting Midwood bone grafting.

Since many teeth restoration procedures like dental implants require a strong healthy jaw bone, there are patients who would not be able to get them done under normal circumstances. However, Midwood bone grafting procedures make it possible for patients who don’t have the strong healthy jaw bone necessary to get teeth restorations to get them done. Bone grafting replaces the missing bone that is needed for the procedure to take place. Bone grafting stabilizes, restores and increases the height and width of the patient’s jaw. The bone that is going to be utilized can come from different sources. Sources could be the patient’s own bone located in other areas of the body or from a tissue bank. There are different types of bone grafting procedures that can be done depending on the patient’s situation. Two of them are: major bone grafting & the sinus lift procedure. Major bone grafting is usually performed to replace the missing bone in jaws due to trauma, congenital defects & tumor surgery. The donor bone would usually come from the hip, the skull or the knee. A sinus lift procedure is done when the sinus wall is too thin to hold implants. An experienced oral surgeon would lift the sinus membrane up and insert and stabilize new sinus bone. After months of healing, the sinus (the roof of the upper jaw) bone would become part of the patient’s jaw. Once it is healed and it is strong enough, the dental implants could be surgically placed.

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