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Bone Grafting in Marine Park

For patients who suffer from missing teeth the most effective method to replace those teeth is by using a dental implant. However, the longer the tooth has been missing the more the original bone material at the site atrophies, meaning there may be less bone available at the implant site for Marine Park oral surgery, Dr. Mark B. Hertz, DDS to place the implant into.

The first thing that Marine Park oral surgery will do when evaluating a patient for receiving a dental implant is to take digital images to determine the proper placement of the implant and to also make sure that there is sufficient bone material available at the site to support the implant. If there is not enough bone material left to support the implant or to accomplish other dental procedures our doctor will perform a bone graft to beef up the bone material available. A bone graft is a surgical procedure that adds bone material from an outside source to the implant site. The bone graft is placed next to the bone in the area and will eventually bond with the patient’s bone. Bone grafts will also help to stimulate growth of new bone material in the area making the site a much better candidate to be able to support an implant or another dental procedure.

Marine Park oral surgery can use bone material from a number of sources in a bone graft. Major bone grafts are also done along the sinuses (sinus lift) to support the posterior upper jaw, major bone grafts are also done by our doctors to repair defects in the jaw. The best sources are using the patient’s own bone material with donations coming from the patient’s chin or the back of the jaw being optimal. If these sources are not available our doctor may harvest bone material from the patient’s shin or hip as well as other locations. The amount of bone material needed for the graft is small, so it will not hurt the patient by transferring the bone material to the implant site. Our doctor can also use processed bone material that has been taken from a cadaver for the graft. Don’t live with missing teeth call our office for an appointment.

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