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Local Brooklyn Oral Surgeon
Local Brooklyn Oral Surgeon

Not all wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, cause pain and difficulties. But when they do and they become impacted, you will want to come see Dr. Marc B. Hertz, our local Brooklyn oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth, which usually erupt sometime in your late teens to your early 20s, may simply emerge without any problems. Most of the time, however, the come in crooked, crowding or even damaging the surrounding teeth, your jaw bone, or even your nerves. When they erupt only partially, bacteria can get inside. This leads to impaction and the very uncomfortable swelling and pain that comes with it. In such instances, the solution is to extract the wisdom teeth. Dr. Hertz will do everything possible to make the process comfortable and free of pain.

Our Brooklyn oral surgeon will examine you and determine if you are suffering from an infection. If so, he may need to prescribe antibiotics to reduce the swelling prior to performing the extraction. The surgery will begin with a local anesthetic or in some cases a general anesthetic. If multiple wisdom teeth need to be extracted at the same time or you are particularly anxious about the procedure, sleeping through the surgery might be best. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Hertz so that he can recommend the best option for you.

After the anesthetic has taken hold, our Brooklyn oral surgeon will begin by cutting open the gum tissue that is over the wisdom tooth. Bone tissue that is covering or blocking the tooth will be removed. The tissue connecting the tooth to the bone is then separated. At that point, Dr. Hertz will be able to remove the wisdom tooth. Sometimes, the tooth may need to be extracted in several pieces. This is perfectly normal and is done to make the removal less difficult. The gum tissue is usually then stitched to complete the surgical procedure. Gauze may be used to keep bleeding under control, but do not be alarmed. A little bleeding is completely natural after oral surgery. You may be advised to take over the counter pain relievers afterward or stronger one will be prescribed if necessary. Full recovery can take up to a few days.

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