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Flatbush Sinus Lift

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Flatbush Sinus Lift
Flatbush Sinus Lift

To be considered a good candidate for a dental implant and the benefits that are associated with them, you need to have a strong jaw bone for lower teeth; or a strong sinus wall for upper teeth. The implant is place into the sinus wall, which then grows around it and fuses with it. If the wall is too thin, you won’t be eligible for an implant. But with our Flatbush sinus lift, the office of Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC has a solution.

The procedure involves taking bone tissue from elsewhere in your body and using it to enhance the sinus wall. Once the new bone tissue grows around the transplanted bone, you will be able to have an implant placed. This takes a few months from the start to the finish, at which point your sinus wall is ready. But the minor delay is worth it, especially when you remember that an implant can last a lifetime, with the proper care. Dental implants have an impressive success rate; right around 98%. They look and feel like real teeth. And even better, they act like real teeth. The difference is that unlike a bridge or dentures, which only replace the tooth on the surface, dental implants replace the full tooth, including the root beneath the gum line. The titanium post put into your jaw or sinus wall is that replacement root. And it’s why our Flatbush sinus lift can come in so handy. Fixed bridges cause you to lose material from surrounding teeth. And dentures are held in with messy and not always reliable adhesive. Why settle for that when you can have an implant?

Call our office and arrange a convenient time to come in for an examination, consultation, and necessary testing. And if you do need our Flatbush sinus lift, be assured that it is done by our highly qualified and experienced oral surgeon.

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