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Brooklyn Emergency Dentist

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Oral Surgeon in Brooklyn

Brooklyn emergency dentist
Brooklyn emergency dentist

At our oral surgery practice, Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC, we limit our services to oral and maxillofacial surgery, and offer treatment for many different types of oral surgery emergencies. Our expert oral surgeon is Dr. Marc B. Hertz. Dr. Hertz is a fully trained oral surgeon who has been providing exemplary oral surgery care for more than 12 years. At our oral surgery practice, our Brooklyn emergency dentist can provide treatment for many different types of oral surgery emergencies.

One common type of oral surgery emergency which we see at our office is when a patient needs to have an extraction of an infected tooth. When a tooth is infected it can often be saved with a root canal procedure performed by an endodontist. However, there are times when a root canal procedure is not successful, or when it cannot be performed. If a tooth is in very poor shape, or it is not wise for a patient to keep an infected tooth in his or her mouth, due to some type a medical condition, immediate tooth extraction may be necessary. In these cases, our Brooklyn emergency dentist will be able to perform an emergency tooth extraction. At our practice we offer simple and surgical extractions which use either local anesthesia or IV sedation.

One of the most common surgical extractions that is needed is the surgical extraction of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to come into the patient’s mouth, and are often the cause of infection or tooth pain. Sometimes wisdom teeth crowd other teeth and cause other teeth to be pushed out of position. This can also cause serious orthodontic problems. There are many reasons why wisdom teeth need to be extracted. However, when wisdom teeth become extremely painful, and there is some type of infection in the mouth, the wisdom teeth will need to be extracted on an emergency basis. At our practice, our Brooklyn emergency dentist will perform surgical extraction of wisdom teeth on either an emergency or non-emergency basis. At our surgical office, we provide many other types of surgical services including: bone grafting; sinus augmentation; cysts removal; abscess removal; and apicoectomies. For an appointment to meet with our Brooklyn emergency dentist for emergency or non-emergency care, contact us today.

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