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If you smoke, you are probably used to the lectures about your lungs, but as you age smoking affects much more than just your ability to breathe well, tobacco products greatly raise your chance of oral cancers as well. If you are over the age of forty, the risks only continue to grow in scope. Oral cancers are just one of the reasons you should never neglect your regular dental examinations and cleanings with your trusted dentist. If you are concerned about lesion or cyst inside your mouth, your local Borough Park oral surgeon is here to help. Our team at the advanced offices of Marc B. Hertz, DDS, PC are the experts you need for a truly exact biopsy which could very well save your life.

Our team at your professional Borough Park oral surgeon are the experienced specialists you need to properly biopsy and diagnose any cyst or abscesses in your mouth to remove them promptly and effectively. You never have to worry about painful procedure, whether you have dental anxiety or an irritated sore, our offices are fully equipped and licensed to utilize all types of anesthesia, including local anesthetics or IV anesthesia to keep you comfortable and pain-free for effective oral surgery that truly works for you. With a simple biopsy our team at the offices of Marc B. Hertz can determine whether your mass is benign or not, and proceed accordingly. Chances of oral cancer increase with heavy tobacco and alcohol use, as well as a diet low in vegetables and fruit, so be sure to stay healthy and visit Dr. Hertz at the first sign of trouble for oral health care you can count on.The last thing anyone wants to do is see their doctor on suspicion of cancer, but the worst thing you can do is prolong care by ignoring the problem altogether. Your first steps to taking care of yourself are educating yourself on what to look for. Many of us will experience a sore or cist inside our mouths at least once in our lives, but these usually subside after two weeks of time. If you have a sore or irritation such as a swollen lump anywhere along the lips, mouth, or throat, a patch in your mouth either white or red in color, have a constant feeling that something is lodged in your throat, are experiencing difficulty swallowing or otherwise moving your jaws or tongue, have numbness in any part of your mouth, or swelling of the jaw, you should book an appointment with your trusted Borough Park oral surgeon as soon as possible. Pain in one ear that is not associated with hearing loss is also a symptom of oral cancer, as your ear is located very closely to the hinge of your jaw.

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